The Complications of Using Harsh Skin Care Products

The ingredient on your favorite skin care products said it is organic. Being organic sometimes mean as “created with organic”. Sometimes it is said as Generally Recognized As Safe or GRAS. These skin care products are said to be healthy and natural until proven guilty. The only thing we can do as consumers is to carefully check which are really present in our skin care products.

What to avoid?

One of the toxins to be avoided are the lead present in our lipsticks and hair dye. Others that are harsh to the skin are formaldehyde which has irritant and carcinogen that are found to dry hair and scalp. Fragrance or Parfum which can cause dizziness, asthma and allergy. Hydroquinone is known to enlighten skin tone but is known to produce reproductive toxin and is linked to cancer. Talc found in baby powder, deodorant, and blush ons are linked to respiratory problems and ovarian cancer.


Is bleaching safe?

Bleach is known to whiten the skin and popular nowadays for its lightening effects, but some brands can cause permanent damage to tissues. But this does not mean that you can no longer bleach your butt. Go to http://analbleachadvice.com/creams-and-kits-review/ and learn how.


Mercury which is found in mascaras and some eyedrops has an allergen that causes brain development impairment. The placental extract which is found in some hair and skin product and can cause endocrine dysfunction. Silicone derived emollients which are present in moisturizers but can stop the skin from breathing and is linked as skin irritants and can cause tumor build up.


Triclosan which is found in most hand sanitizers and antibacterial products is linked to endocrine disruption and cancer. Toluene which is found in hair and nail products and can cause endocrine and immune system disruption. Phthalates which are found in fragrances, lotions, and deodorants and can cause kidney cancer, liver cancer, and lung damage cancer. DEA, TEA and MEA which are found in shampoos and soaps are suspected to have carcinogens.


Hydroquinone is banned in the UK. Coaltar and formaldehyde are banned in EU. Phthalate is banned in EU and California.


The effect will not be instant. After using the skin care products which may have one or all of these ingredients will have a long term effect. These effects were exposed, but some are still using it till now as the effect made their skin pink or light. But for the common good, manufacturers should stop including these ingredients in their products. They must pursue healthy living with healthy beauty skin care products. Consumers must take their part too. They have to stop buying the products which contain these ingredients as they are the one who will suffer in the long run.